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MedWay is an interactive health management solution that provides secure, online and single-point access to diagnostic results, physician tools and health care services. MedWay prides itself in getting both pathology results and radiology results and images to the medical profession in a timely and efficient manner.

MedWay is a web-based application that provides you with access to your patient’s results as soon as they are available, in real-time and with our mobile app anywhere

MedWay is a FREE, interactive health management solution that provides secure, online and single point access to diagnostic results, physician tools, and health care services.

One Stop Access

One login and password gives you access to your patient’s pathology and radiology results, existing and prior.

Results in Real-time

Access results as soon as they are available.

Single-click access

Instant access to the results you wish to view.

Hands-free File Management

MedWay handles all file storage and security, providing instant, on-demand access to your patient’s results.

No-hassle start-up

Switching to MedWay won’t require any new equipment, all you need is an internet connection and a browser.

Bandwidth Friendly

MedWay is used by more than 20 major healthcare providers across Australia, so you’re not locked in to a particular provider.

Your choice of internet

The MedWay portal works on Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome and more. High-resolution radiology results are currently available only when using Internet Explorer 7+, but this service is being extended to include other browsers.

With over 140 imaging centres across Australia, Lumus is proud to provide you with affordable, accessible, and quality imaging.

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