Lumus Imaging

Seamless access to patient images and reports.

Lumus Imaging is committed to ensuring our referrers can access patient images and reports seamlessly. This commitment drives us to continually invest in cutting edge technologies.

Whether you are within your Practice Management Software (PMS) or not, our current suite of technologies will ensure seamless access to your patient images and reports.

24/7 Imaging Support Team Phone: 1300 411 351 Email: [email protected]

Access Patient Images within PMS

Lumus Imaging can deliver patient reports directly into your Practice Manager Software (PMS) through our dependable and proven technology partners Medical Objects and Zed Technologies.

Medical Objects is our secure messaging system which enables referrers to download patient results directly into your practice management software. This is further enhanced by our partnership with Zed Technologies allowing for direct access to images within your PMS.

Access independently of your PMS

InteleViewer and the web-based platform InteleConnect provide highly customizable toolsets and a flexible interface that allows you to view patient images and reports independently of your practice management software.

You can also download and install InteleViewer on your local desktop computer to access patient information.

Why become a referrer

Our highly trained Medical Imaging Specialists have the expertise to deliver exceptional patient care.

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