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Everything to know about Echocardiograms

How Echocardiogram scans work

An Echocardiogram, or Cardiac Ultrasound, is used to examine the heart using high frequency sound waves to produce an image. The procedure is harmless and doesn’t expose you to any radiation, but may cause some mild discomfort as the probe must be placed between ribs to see the heart.
An Echocardiogram scan is used to examine:

What to expect

An echocardiogram is a test that uses ultrasound to take pictures of your heart.
For the procedure you’ll be required (if able) to lie on a bed turned onto your left side, with your left arm extended above your head. We understand if this isn’t possible due to shoulder or breathing problems; the scan can be adapted to suit your comfort and capability. A small hand-held probe is placed on your chest with coupling gel and moved around to obtain images and measurements of your heart.

The day of the procedure

Arrive 20 mins
prior to appointment
Complete paperwork
Change Women into a gown
Men remove shirt

The Echocardiogram
20 - 30 mins procedure
After the scan You’re free to leave

Sent to referring doctor

Patient stories

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Yes. Echo contrast is not the same as CT contrast. Echo contrast creates tiny bubbles in your bloodstream that disappear within a few minutes. The most common side effect of echo contrast is back pain shortly after it enters the body. This happens to a small number of patients who receive it..
The ultrasound images are reviewed by a cardiologist. The cardiologist writes a report and sends it to your doctor. Then your doctor discusses the results with you.
Yes. Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to take pictures of your heart. It doesn’t expose you to radiation.

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